Rights Information

Use of images owned by others on temperanet.wordpress.com

Images of artworks held under copyright by others are used here on the basis of ‘fair use’. This is because (in the words of wikipedia):
The works shown are of a historical significance that could not be conveyed in words.
Inclusion is for information, education and analysis only.
Their inclusion in the articles adds significantly to the articles because they shows the subject, or the work of the subject, of the articles.
The image is a low resolution copy of the original work and would be unlikely to impact sales of prints or be usable as a desktop backdrop.
The owning institution is clearly stated and linked to, and visitors to temperanet.wordpress.com are encouraged to go and visit the institutions wherever possible.

For further information please see wikipedia. If you are the owner of a work shown here, and would like the image to be removed from temperanet.wordpress.com, please contact us and we will be happy to remove it.

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