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Unlocked-for-Editing: Architecture and the Image


JH Sketchbook drawingSurprisingly little has been written about the creative use of sketching as a tool for the design process. Particularly the question of how it is possible for the architect to discover something new about the emerging design within the act of drawing. Typically, a vague and half formed idea of how a space could be configured is roughly sketched out on paper using what I think Merleau-Ponty might describe – as indeed he did with language – as a process of ‘coherent deformation of available significations.’ In other words, a tentative outline of a form that is familiar from previous projects is, perhaps unwittingly, being deliberately distorted or deformed to reveal some previously unrealised potential. As Merleau-Ponty might also have agreed, this process relies on the bodily habitus of the designer, a stored ability to recall and deploy a range of spatial and formal elements. This personal library of shapes, forms…

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