Discussion Day – Report

Report on the Almshouse Tempera Project’s Discussion Day held at the University of Nottingham, Wednesday 24th June. The aim of the day was to bring all the project participants together to discuss how their work and thinking was progressing and to focus attention on to the forthcoming exhibition and project publication.

The morning session, Looking Backwards, Looking Forward commenced with a presentation, by Derek Hampson, detailing what had been achieved to date, including the many talks and workshops delivered by the project. He then focused on the forthcoming exhibition, outlining his suggestion for the exhibition’s title, Inscription, and the reasons behind it. Following this each of the project participants gave a short presentation on how their work for the project was progressing.

The afternoon session, Translations, was organised around a talk by photographer Andy Lock, on photographic representations of architecture. Andy’s talk included a number of his own images of architectural structures, particularly council houses. Of particular interest to the project was his work using the Albumen Print, an early photographic process which, as its name suggests, utilises egg white. Following Andy’s presentation there was a wide-ranging discussion.

The day concluded with a discussion around what participants might contribute to the exhibition and project’s publication. A practical end to what had proved to be a day of thought-provoking interactions. Many thanks to all who participated.


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