Talk Report – Painting and the Post-Medium Condition

Short report on Derek Hampson and Peter Suchin’s talk on ‘Painting and the Post-Medium Condition’ hosted by Mik’s Front Room at Primary artists studios, Nottingham, May 20th, 2015. The talk focused on the concepts of ‘medium’ and ‘medium specificity’ as defined by Rosalind Krauss and Clement Greenberg. Derek Hampson outlined Greenberg’s concept of ‘medium specificity’ before talking about the concept of the ‘post-medium condition’ and Rosalind Krauss’s rejection of it. Peter Suchin expanded on this, referring to Walter Benjamin’s writings on photography as an expanded medium because of its implicit textual component. Peter also discussed Marcel Duchamp’s creation of new mediums in works such ‘The Large Glass’. There was a good audience for the talk, which was followed by a detailed discussion.

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