Report on Project Talks May 5th and 6th

Two talks by Almshouse Tempera Project participants on successive days, both well attended, opening up debates around the themes discussed – thanks to all participants; speakers and audiences.

On Tuesday May 5th Atsuhide Ito and Aimie Purser discussed the subject of ‘Art, ALterity and Attunement’ at Nottingham Trent University’s Department of Fine Art. Aimie Purser explored the concept of attunement, discussing its relationship to ideas of empathy and intersubjectivity embedded in concepts of the ‘other’. Atsuhide’s discussion centred on his approach to making tempera artworks for the Almshouse Tempera Project, in which his attunement to the work’s subjects is part of the process of creating the work.

Wednesday May 6th Jonathan Hale and Deborah Harty centred their discussions on; ‘The Role of Drawing’ at the University of Nottingham’s School of Architecture. Jonathan Hale presented a detailed paper drawn from his research into the French philosopher Maurice Merleau-Ponty’s writings on the role of embodiment in the creation of understanding, whether through language or through drawing. Deborah Harty’s presentation drew on her extensive research into the idea of drawing as phenomenology, including work with visually impaired respondents. She then went on to discuss the artwork she is making for The Almshouse Tempera Project, which is focussing on ideas of the liminal expressed through the entrances to the almshouses.

Derek Hampson


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