Artist Talk @ NCHA

Working in an office can be rather routine, and so many of Nottingham Community Housing Association’s (NCHA) staff jumped at the opportunity to come along for a lunchtime talk from Derek Hampson. It was interesting to see which staff chose to come along – our in-house design and architecture team were very well-represented, which isn’t surprising given the nature of their work.

We heard a short introduction from David Simmons, Head of Intermediate Housing at NCHA, in which we learned that some of the almshouses NCHA manages date back to the 1700s. Dave then handed over to Derek, who was able to explain to us about the practicalities of working with tempera – it was interesting to see the process of creating the paint and preparing the boards onto which it is painted.

Next, we saw some pieces that have been produced using tempera – both from Derek’s own work, and several historic pictures. Derek explained to us that one of the key appeals about working with tempera is they way it can capture the way light plays on a surface. We saw this clearly in his own paintings of dusk falling in Nottingham, with the tram lines and other street furniture illuminating areas of the pictures.

Staff feedback was very positive, and there is already enthusiasm for further talks, and for the upcoming workshops, where people will be able to get involved, creating their own pictures.

Laura van Weyenbergh, Communications Co-ordinator
Nottingham Community Housing Association


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